How It Works

  • Initial meeting

    Initial meeting

    This provides a clear and concise picture of your business & enable us to fully understand the nature of your product / service. It also identifies and defines the objectives you wish to fulfil through using Saluto.

  • Campaign planning

    Campaign planning

    We identify your customer base and recommend a media plan to encompass your requirements, utilising your budget effectively, maximising the reach to your target audience. Choose from local, regional or national.

  • Advert Production

    Advert Production

    We formulate relevant and effective concepts including scripting, audio and visual themes to appeal to your target audience.

  • Analysis & Optimisation

    Analysis & Optimisation

    We track and review delivery of your campaign. We can monitor web traffic and enquiries/sales data are usually able to optimise your campaign & improve your ROI by up to 25% in the first 3 months. 

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We are not an advertising agency. We are a team of business owners who have run successful TV campaigns to enable our businesses to grow. We created Saluto to share our knowledge and expertise. We want other companies to realise how powerful TV advertising can be in driving business growth.

Over the past 15 years we have successfully run TV campaigns for all of our businesses. Our most recent success saw the business grow from just four members of staff to a work force of over 70 within 3 years.

So we know that TV advertising works and we transfer our skills and knowledge to show you how best to maximise it effect for your business.

Why TV?

Why TV?

TV is the most cost effective advertising medium with a massive reach.

TV's ability to generate more sales; to work both immediately and over the long term; to create an emotional bond between viewer and brand; and the major influence it has in making other media more effective makes it indispensable to any business that wants to create and maintain long term success.

Why TV? Watch our promo here!

Campaign Options

We offer a wide range of options for differently profiled businesses. We create campaigns with localised or nationwide reach and if you are looking to launch your service or product - TV sponsorship or radio may be a better option to differentiate your brand amongst competitors.

  • Nationwide Campaigns

    Nationwide Campaigns

    Incorporates regional and national campaigns based upon channel choice.  We create bespoke strategies reaching highly specific audiences at low costs. Great for businesses not constrained by geographical location.

  • Sky Adsmart Campaigns

    Sky Adsmart Campaigns

    This is based upon audience attributes and can include affluence, postcode areas, age - plus many more. It is especially suitable for businesses with a local market or to focus the campaign on a very specific audience.

  • TV Sponsorship

    TV Sponsorship

    It can deliver nationwide and regional visibility, whilst associating brand & products with popular TV programming or channels viewed by your target audience. Fantastic promotional opportunity.

  • Radio Campaigns

    Radio Campaigns

    We also offer radio advertising services to our clients. It can build an emotional reactions in listeners & increase market awareness of your brand & products especially if run alongside TV campaign.

TV advertising magnifies your businesses visibility, increasing response and sales growth. It supplies an accountable platform to reach your target audience, to achieve long term sustainable growth for your business at low cost.

Creative Services

We can assist you with both planning & production of your TV advert. Whether you need a brand new creative or re-vamp an existing one we and our partners can produce the TV commercial that will make you stand out amongst your competitors. 

  • DRTV: Direct Response TV commercials

    DRTV: Direct Response TV commercials

    It is a very unique way of utilising the power of television to generate responses amongst your target audience in a cost effective way. These adverts are specifically targeted to provide fully measurable results.

  • BRTV: Brand and Brand Response TV commercials

    BRTV: Brand and Brand Response TV commercials

    Created to emphasize your core brand values & aimed at influencing your target audience opinions & needs. It will not only cause the consumer to form new opinion about services & products your business offers but it will also create an emotional bond between customer and values presented by your brand.

  • Showreel


    If you have your own creative ideas we can prepare a bespoke advert including HD footage, actors and scripts. We can arrange unique settings and locations creating the perfect ambience. Anything is possible! Call us for a quote. Click here to see our showreel!

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